Yoga By Heart

I have recently qualified as a yoga teacher with the International School of DRU Yoga, another step along the path on a journey towards what I hope will be a fascinating and fulfilling career.  DRU has its roots firmly planted in the great yoga tradition.  It is a refuge from the modern world but also a practical tool for inspiring and achieving a positive mind and healthy body.  It focuses on the continuous flow of movement and breath.  It brings softness to the joints, stability and strength to the muscles and flexibility to the spine.  It offers deep relaxation, calmness and clarity to the busy stress-inflamed mind.

From physical fitness to mental de-stress, from prenatal to therapeutic care, whatever you are searching for in a yoga package, DRU can offer.  It really is an “anyone can do it” and definitely not a “one size fits all” style of yoga.

I am currently in the process of launching “Yoga By Heart”, continuing teaching classes in my local area but looking to branch out into London offering one-to-one sessions, group sessions and even packages for the corporate market. 

My tag line is simply “restore your rhythm”, and that is exactly what I aim to do for all my students.


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