Restoring my rhythm

After a few months away from
teaching, focusing on my personal practice (oh and getting married!), I finally
got back to it by launching my July-August sessions.  I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy trying to
fit in teaching with a full time job elsewhere and I have to say I was a little

I went through a phase, or maybe
that should be “I go through phases”, when I have a bit of a confidence crisis.  How can I call myself a yoga teacher, I wasn’t
born in India, I haven’t spent half my life living in an ashram sitting at the
feet of a guru meditating 14 hours a day, I don’t have a ZZ Top beard (or any
facial hair actually) and I can’t get my hips into Lotus position without
dislocating my knees.  But then I
remember, something a very wise woman once told me –

“It’s not teaching, it’s sharing

And all of a sudden the clouds
part and clarity shines through like the sun after a brief summer storm.  That is what I do, I am a sharer of
knowledge.  Knowledge that I have gained
from people who were born in the proverbial place, who have sat at the feet of
a guru and lived in ashrams and who have imparted their knowledge so that I
can, in turn, impart to others.  Yes I
admit it I am the quintessentially Western sharer of yoga knowledge.  It’s just that “yoga teacher” fits so much
better onto a business card!

So, with my re-found confidence, and my
knowledge of my own true abilities to share it (the knowledge that it, not the
confidence, or maybe both actually…I’m mumbling…) I found myself stood
before a group of 8 wonderful people who had turned up for my knowledge.  And, as with every session, it dawned on me
once again that familiar feeling of why I do this.  I want to share my knowledge of yoga because
I want everyone else to know how good it feels to move and breathe with awareness,
to feel an expansion within your heart, your body and your soul.  Who wouldn’t want to share that?!


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