Staying connected


Some people come to yoga for the physical or health benefits under the guidance of a physician or physiotherapist or on the recommendation of a friend.  Some people come to yoga for relaxation or spiritual quest.  Some people do not come to yoga at all because they just don’t get this “hippy shit”, as someone very dear to me refers to it.  I learnt my lesson quite early on that, as a teacher, you have to know why your students have come and understand why those you’d like to see in class have not.

I have a real problem with these terms “teacher” and “class”.  I prefer “sharer of knowledge” and “session”.  And herein lies the predicament because I want to show people the benefits of yoga, I want to reach out to as many people as possible, yet using my preferable terms I would be instantly losing half my clientele (another term I take issue with) who just don’t give a damn about the koshas and the chakras and the “hippy shit”.  But then as a yogi (even a western yogi) is it okay to hold back on being true to what I believe just to gain someone’s interest?

So my hope is this.  By talking to people and engaging with them, finding out what it is they want from a yoga session, I can be flexible with my
language and still be true to my beliefs.  I believe that many people come to yoga for one reason or another but find something that maybe they didn’t even know they were looking for or were not expecting to find.  And it’s this something that keeps them coming back.  It’s this something that I, as a teacher or rather, sharer of knowledge, cannot prepare for in a lesson plan.

For me it’s about being in the present, being connected with the  breath, with the body and with the soul, being
connected to the  heart of who I am and using this to connect with others in whatever way I can.


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