Sharing inspiration

I try to never let myself forget that although I teach yoga to others I am, and will remain, a student myself.  The constant circle of daily life takes up too much time sometimes and I find myself sacrificing precious yoga time.  And it is precious.  It is my own time on my own mat that helps to inform my teaching and without it I am nothing but a teacher-by-rote.

This is the lesson I learnt last year when I first started teaching.  I struggled to put lesson plans together, not through lack of knowledge but lack of inspiration which I believe came from a disconnection to my own practice.  My own thoughts and ideas were lost in study notes and books written by other people.   And so I quit.  Well, I took a break.  I got back to my own practice, found my own thoughts and realised that, though informed by, they weren’t just a regurgitation of, other people’s.

And so I discovered the importance of self-study.  Maybe not exactly the “Self-Study” to which Patanjali talks about in his Yoga Sutras, but a self-study that does nonetheless mean knowing when it’s time to step back and observe.  If I am not inspired when working on my lesson plans how can I inspire others?!

I aspire to always be inspired especially when sharing my knowledge with other people.  Otherwise it’s just information.


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