My husband often comments on my dislike of change and it never really bothered me that he noticed this until the other day when I really thought about just how right he is. 

I’m not talking about, as he was, how I hate it when my local Boots store moves complete aisles so when I go in to get something it’s not where it used to be and I have to walk around the shop to find it and then get so frustrated that although I need the item I come home without it because I hate the fact that they’ve moved it for no reason apart from to make people walk around the shop to find it so they have to look at more stuff and end up buying things they never went in to buy and probably don’t even need. 

I’m talking about real life changing changes like birth, death, falling in love, having children.  Things that change your life so much that you wander so far from a once certain path that you don’t even know who you are any more let alone where you’re going.

I have a tattoo on my ankle, a permanent reminder of the impermanence of life.  It’s faded a little as all tattoos inevitably do but it’s still there.  Even if I seek to get it removed there’ll still be some scarring and you’ll probably still be able to just about make out what it once was.  Some things are permanent, impermeable, unchangeable, everlasting.  Even after death I will still have been.  I am and therefore I will always be.

Now let’s be clear, I don’t believe in God or gods but I do believe that there is a higher power in each of us that when we connect to it we can become the best version of ourselves.  Some people never make that connection, either they don’t seek it out or they can never quite reach it.  Others are so connected they glow.  Most people, myself included, have fleeting moments but just can’t seem to hold on long enough for others to see them.

So I’m going on a journey.  A journey to the heart and from the heart.  A humble journey home to my Self, the best version of me I can be, the part of me that is unchangeable.  The vehicle I am using is the one thing that I have held onto since the biggest life changing event in my life.  The study and discipline of yoga has helped me through grief, loneliness, happiness and both physical and emotional pain.  Yoga is what brings me home to my Self, it restores my rhythm and helps me deal with changes I can’t control.

So come with me, let’s discover together who we are and how great we can be.  Let’s yoga!


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